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[vdKamp's photo] The Tychonian Society was founded in Canada in 1971 by the late Dutch-Canadian educator, Walter van der Kamp (photo at right). The society was, and still is, a loose-knit, world-wide group of individuals from all walks of life. It's original purpose was to disseminate information about the central place occupied by the earth in the universe.

To achieve that goal, Mr. van der Kamp produced The Bulletin of the Tychonian Society, thus founding the Tychonian Society. The Bulletin featured articles on the history, philosophy, and scientific arguments and evidence for geocentrism, the belief that the earth is located at rest at the center of the creation.

In 1984 Walter van der Kamp retired as editor of the Bulletin and handed the reins to astronomy Ph.D., Dr. Gerardus D. Bouw (photo below, at left) who broadened its focus considerably. About four years later, Mr. van der Kamp, at the urging of Dr. Bouw, wrote a three-part history of the Tychonian Society entitled The Whys and Wherefores of Geocentrism. Walter van der Kamp died in January, 1998.

Dr. Bouw's photo In January of 1991, in keeping with the broader focus and by mutual consent with Walter, the Tychonian Society was renamed to the "Association for Biblical Astronomy," and the Bulletin of the Tychonian Society was renamed The Biblical Astronomer. Today the ABA is more commonly called "The Biblical Astronomer" after its official organ, which is published quarterly. Its readership extends to over 26 countries around the world.

In addition to the Biblical Astronomer, the Association publishes books and other literature. Our most popular and comprehensive book was entitled Geocentricity. It is now out of print and work has started on a new book.

For the technically minded, we also offer The Geocentric Papers which presents much of the technical material referred to in Geocentricity. Readers interested in learning more about these materials are invited to visit the Tycho Brahe shop.

The Astronomer has also translated and made available several articles of a technical nature. These include the Thirring and Lense papers which have been the source of much debate in physics over the last several decades. Recently, several satellites have been launched and used to test for the Lense-Thirring effect announced in one of the two papers translated by the Association. These translations are reproduced in The Geocentric Papers.

The Biblical Astronomer occasionally sponsors research of fundamental significance to its aims, although the primary emphasis is on publication. Some of that research has been published in refereed scientific journals and proceedings. Additionally, research leads to the development of computer programs, which are available free, on-line. All of this work is supported entirely by the freewill offerings of its readers and its members since subscription prices to the Biblical Astronomer does not cover its production costs.

Since God has ordained that the local churches are responsible to keep the Scriptures and to monitor the work done for the Lord, in 2010 the Association removed itself as a parachurch organization by being adopted as a ministry of the Mantua Country Baptist Church.

The Association's position on science, philosophy, and the Holy Bible is given in its credal statement.

Association for Biblical Astronomy

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Email: info@geocentricity.com

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