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Research by the ABA

Joshua's Long Day around the World

Entropy and the New World Order
Dr. Gerardus Bouw shows that a world government micromanaging the affairs of men cannot help but collapse upon itself with a maximum probability of 37% destruction. This follows from the second law of thermodynamics. A technical article.

The 26 February 1998 Solar Eclipse expedition to Curacao.

The 8 June 2004 Transit of Venus observed in Cleveland.

Tychonic Orrery Project
An orrery is a working model of the solar system. The A.B.A. has, under the pioneering work of Pastor Paul Norwalt, developed mecchanical models of the solar system as envisioned by the Astronomer Tycho Brahe. Witness the development of the orreries and see video of them at work.

English translations of historical papers of geocentric importance.

Includes our Carbon-14 date correction program, date of Easter program, and calendar program. We also provide utilities we have written for Parson's QuickVerse 4.0 and earlier, such as our note-file conversion program as well as instructions how to make the older versions run under the newer Windows versions, particularly XP and 2000.