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Geocentricty: Christianity in the Woodshed by Gerardus D. Bouw, PhD (Astronomy). The successor to Geocentricity and its predecessor, With Every Wind of Doctrine. This book is the most exhaustive and comprehensive book on the subject of geocentricity. The book presents the geocentric nature of Scripture. It includes complete coverage of Joshua's Long Day and Hezekiah's sign. The role, function, and history of the firmament is covered extensively. The sun's role in ruling the day is greatly extended in this book. Five appendixes are included in the book. One covers every scriptural reference to the geocentric creation. The last appendix derives the geocentric equations of motion that are commonly used in space travel; only this derivation is strictly geocentric. The book includes biographical sketches of most geocentrists from 1650 through 2013. Finally, the author traces the role that Copernicus' heliocentric model played in the demotion of man from being created in the image of God to an evolved accident created in the image of an ape in rebellion against the God who created man in his own image. 816 pages, hardbound. $60. Add to cart
Summary for each chapter.

Add to Cart He Maketh His Sun to Rise: A Look at Biblical Geocentricity, by Dr. Thomas M. Strouse, Dean of Bible Baptist Theological Seminary, Cromwell, CT. The book deals with geocentric verses in Scripture and exposes the fallacious arguments for heliocentrism and the unbiblical presuppositions that geocentricity's creationist critics labor under. See geocentricity through the eyes of a theologian expressed in the language of normal people. $24. Add to cart    

Add to Cart The Bible and Geocentricity, by James N. Hanson, Professor Emeritus of the Cleveland State University, originally wrote the manuscript for this book in the 1980s. It was serialized in the Biblical Astronomer in the early 1990s and has now been published in book form. Rather than just being a reprint of the articles, the book has been revised and illustrated with figures hand-picked by the author. The book has 10 chapters plus Preface. $29 Add to cart

Technical Publications

The Gravitational Analog of a Rolling Ball on an Elastic Membrane by J. Hanson. The underlying mathematics and physics is presented for simulating gravitational trajectories by a ball or disk moving on an appropriately deformed elastic membrane. $24. Add to cart

Add to Cart The Copernican Revolution: A fable for educated men ed. by G. Bouw. A collection of responses submitted in response the Dr. Danny Faulkner's "Geocentrism and Creation," promoted by Answers in Genesis. Each of these was submitted to Creation Ex Nihilo but were rejected for publication for reasons not always clearly explained. Illustrated, glue bound. $28.50 Add to cart

Both of the above Technical Papers $50.00 Add to cart

What Happened to Our English Bible? by Timothy Unruh. A gentle, yet cogent look at the demise of the Authorized English Bible and the men behind that demise. (Illustrated) $26. Add to cart

Books on the preservation of Scripture

Why Cumbereth it the Ground? An examination of the origins and impact of American Christian Fundamentalism. By Kenneth T. Brooks with a supplement by Aaron Strouse. A critical evaluation of fundamentalism from a scriptural perspective examines its motives and methods and exposes why Fundamentalism has been ineffective in achieving its goals. $38. Add to cart

Add to Cart The Book of Bible Problems. All the most difficult "contradictions" in the Bible are resolved without compromise. An entire chapter deals with problems that are said to exist only in the Authorized Bible. Among those is, "What is the difference between the holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost?" and "When is a spirit masculine and when is it neuter?" Indexed. $38. Add to cart

What Happened to Our English Bible? by Timothy Unruh. A gentle, yet cogent look at the demise of the Authorized English Bible and the men behind that demise. (illustrated) $26 Add to cart

DVD Videos

Geocentricity: A Public Lecture Presentation with Question & Answer Period. Suppose you were charged with heresy and you offered to debate your accusers. And suppose that they accepted and then, when it was too late to cancel the facilities, the accusers reneged on the debate. This sets the stage for this DVD production by Geo/Helio Productions. Martin Selbrede presents his findings for geocentricity after an exhaustive search through physics journals. See for yourself what physics is discovering about the firmament. The video ends with an animation illustrating retrograde planetary motion in a geocentric system. $32. Add to cart

Thinking Psych-economically Interviews. Dr. Arthur Sharron interviews Dr. Bouw on the scientific inerrancy of the Holy Bible and on the decline of the authority of the Bible in human affairs. Two separate interviews. This video was recorded in 1995 and heavily promotes the mistaken claim that the universe needs to rotate with a period of 24 hours in order to exist. $29. Add to cart

Geocentricity: the Scriptural Cosmology is a Video hosted by Dr. Bouw who explains the seasons, retrograde motion, and other phenomena allegedly proving heliocentrism using the original Norwalt Tychonic Orrery. (1 hour) $32. Add to cart

Where in the Universe Are We? by Prof. Philip Stott. The newly remastered DVD examines what secular scientists and theologians have had to say about Earth's place in the universe throughout history. $42. Add to cart

Geocentricity: Astronomy of the Bible 2007 Dr. Bouw introduces geocentricity and other topics of astronomical and historical interest. (7 hour DVD) $32. Add to cart

Geocentricity: Astronomy of the Bible 2010 Some coverage overlaps the 2007 video. Dr. Bouw introduces geocentricity and other topics of astronomical and historical interest. Includes his testimony. $32. Add to cart

Dedication of the first geocentric orrery This video is of the dedication service held in Merrimac, NH of Pastor Norwalt's first geocentric orrery. It includes a demonstration of the orrery and a question and answer period. $32. Add to cart

The Bible and Science Dr. Bouw deals with science in general and presents a broader scope than just geocentricity. Includes the gospel in a tulip. The video was recorded in 1998 and promotes the mistaken claim that the universe needs to rotate with a period of 24 hours in order to exist. $29. Add to cart

The Bible and Science Dr. Bouw deals with alleged contradictions in Scripture. It was recorded in 1998 at the Southeast KJB Conference. $32. Add to cart

Audio CDs

Add to Cart www.biblicalastronomer.org CD-ROM This CD-ROM is a complete copy of the discontinued biblicalastronomer.org web site. For several years it was the main worldwide web source of information on geocentricity. What many people did not know is that the site had a private, unlinked section. In order to demonstrate the motions of the sun, moon, planets, and stars in a geocentric perspective, a geocentric orrery was planned and constructed. This CD contains the entire private site and documents in text, graphics, and video, the steps in the development and design of the orrery; and its operation is shown in a pair of video clips included on this CD. The CD-ROM is playable on most Windows platforms using a browser and standard Windows software. For those without an Internet connection and who have no browser, a browser is provided. $29. Add to cart

Geocentricity: The Disposable Doctrine An audio CD that traces the effects upon the world as a result of rejecting the doctrine of geocentricity. The CD comes in two versions: a pure audio CD that contains the lecture only, and an MP3 disc which contains the lecture and the question and answer session that followed the lecture. Available in two formats:

Audio CD version. $23. Add to cart
MP3 CD version. $23. Add to cart

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