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Copyright Regulations for all Geocentricity.com Web Pages

Most of the material on this web site from Geocentricity.com, The Association for Biblical Astronomy, and the Biblical Astronomer, is original and is covered by copyright law. Permission is given to make personal copies of the pages on this site for educational, research, and devotional use. These pages are also intended for home schooling use.

Most of the remaining material consists of reports and figures taken from NASA web sites and a handful of educational web sites. Those are credited either in the text or by footnote or on the graphic itself. The Biblical Astronomer neither owns nor desires the copyright of any non-original items.

Why are we not in violation of copyright laws with these web pages? The laws remain unclear at the present time; however, we consider these pages to be covered by Fair Use standards, i.e. the use of an image here has the same impact as xeroxing a copy for an overhead projector (as we used to do in the "good old days" before PowerPoint, the Internet, and CD-ROMs). If you disagree with this interpretation of the Fair Use standard, then please go someplace else to obtain your Bible and astronomy information. Neither the Biblical Astronomer, A.B.A., nor Geocentricity.com makes any profit from these web items. All money received goes to printing, publishing, and postage expenses plus the cost to maintain the web site. There are no employees and no person profits financially from this venture. The only profits are spiritual, and those are still tax free and cannot be in the purview of copyright law. So this site does not deem itself in violation of copyright law.