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What is the nature of the star named Wormwood in Revelation?

Critique of the Gap Theories
Are any of the various pre-Adamic world theories Scriptural?

Who is this Deity Named Yahweh?
Dr. Thos. Strouse shows that Yahweh, as a name of God, is a modern invention.

The Bible Code
The Bible Code may say "Jesus is God," but it also says "Jesus is Satan" and "Allah is God."

Our teeny-weenie, itsy-bitsy universe
Is God too small to create a geocentric universe and too big to care for us?

Dr. Frank Logsdon's "From the NASV to the KJV"
Dr. Logsdon, who spawned the NASV, discovered what a horrendous sin that was. His dramatic confession underscores that God is not mocked.

Critique of God's Word in Our Hands,
by Dr. Thos. Strouse, examines Bob Jones University's latest attempt to annihilate the Authorized Bible Only movement. The first edition, From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man, was fraught with error and lies. The new edition is no better.

Do we all worship the same god?
Some things to think about before answering that question.

Bible notes
Notes from various souces resulting in a commentary of much of the Bible. The notes have not been edited. Where possible, sources have been credited. Many notes are of general interest.


Church History