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The Biblical Astronomer is the quarterly publication of the The Association for Biblical Astronomy. The Biblical Astronomer consists of articles pertaining both to the Holy Bible and astronomy. As such, articles may relate purely to Scripture, or purely to astronomy, or to the astronomy of the Bible.

Some articles in the quarterly will be of a technical nature. Technical articles are always accompanied by a non-technical summary, which may be found either in the "Editorial" or in the introductory portion of the article. Most articles are, however, written on a popular level.

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At left is a listing of all issues currently ported to the Web, at right are links to the most requested articles. The latter are listed in order of decreasing popularity; the former in reverse chronological order.

The newer archive links are generally PDF files of the entire issue, covers and all. The earliest ones are purely HTML files, and there is a transition zone between them. PDF files of entire issues are not small, but most are well under one megabyte. A few, ones with lots of color pictures, will run a few megabytes. All are under 3MB. By the way, if a PDF file looks fuzzy, use a higher magnification.

To find a specific article or topic, it is best to use the Index of all issues PDF file. PDF files are searchable. One may also see the contents of a particular issue that way. Indeed, columns such as "Panorama" and "Readers' Forum" are only listed by those names in each issue, whereas the Index lists each topic.

Most requested articles from the The Biblical Astronomer
The Morning Stars

Reply to Danny Faulkner's antigeocentric Creation Ex Nihilo article

Star of Bethlehem

Did we go to the moon?

The dust on the moon

Who is this Deity Named Yahweh?

Significant Technical Articles
The Predestinated Fate of the One-World Order

John's Word and modern Science (3 parts)